Weapons of Kings

“These pages hold secrets that will unlock the greatness within you and catapult you toward your best self.”
– Joel Scrivner, 4x World Champion, Successful Businessman, and Pastor

Do you feel as though you’ve done all you know to do, but still haven’t reached your full potential? Weapons of Kings will unpack an arsenal of biblical weapons for life mastery. Each chapter introduces a powerful and life-changing weapon you can use to conquer life’s obstacles and live an impactful life. You’ll be challenged to overcome modern-day barriers and cultural mindsets, break strongholds, and seize your royal identity.

The pages of this book are filled with practical steps that you can easily implement to begin your training from the inside out. CEO, and contributor to multiple Fortune 500 companies, Charles Beauford, believes it’s more important to “be” and not just “do.”  He brings wisdom and insight to every page. This is a call to something greater; a challenge to embrace your inner warrior and fight for your inherited position in God’s Kingdom.

Weapons of Kings is a biblical, straightforward approach to cultivating the life God intended. Are you ready to reach your full potential?

Weapons of Kings by Charles Beauford

Charles Beauford

Author and CEO

Charles Beauford is a father, community leader, minister, and entrepreneur. He celebrates sixteen years of marriage with his college sweetheart, and they are the blessed parents of four children. He serves at his local church and has taken a leadership role in multiple Fortune 500 companies. Charles currently manages several companies he founded.

Charles was honored to be a subject author in the book, Dare to be a Difference Maker: Volume 5 by Michelle Prince. With a unique passion for helping others identify their gifts and talents to achieve extraordinary results in life, his calling is to encourage and teach others how to overcome life’s obstacles through the love and grace of God. Charles supports several non-profit organizations related to food pantries, benevolence initiatives, college scholarship funds, and various Christian endeavors.

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God sees us as ROYALTY and we have to see ourselves as royalty regardless of our current position. - Charles Beauford #WeaponsofKings
God sees you as AN HEIR no matter what! It's time we become the kings and queens we were made to be. - Charles Beauford #WeaponsofKings
God wants to be the only SOURCE we look to for any need. - Charles Beauford #WeaponsofKings
As we CONNECT with God about His purpose for us, He will provide the resources we need to accomplish His Will. - Charles Beauford #WeaponsofKings
It is God's plan that I have VICTORY spiritually, through Him, over life's circumstances. - Charles Beauford #WeaponsofKings
In the midst of your fight or struggle, just know that the Father is THERE FOR YOU. - Charles Beauford #WeaponsofKings

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